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Just Jared's Most Popular Actresses 2013 je objavi listu najpopularnijih glumica u 2013. godini. Naravno, tu se našla Hilary na 13. mjestu. Čestitam Hilary!

It has been a big year for women in Hollywood and now we are ranking who our readers made the most popular of 2013!

The list includes this year’s two female Oscar-winning actresses (one of whom is a frontrunner for another one next year), some newly engaged and married women, a couple of new mothers, and more.

Did your favorite actresses make‘s cut?

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow to see who made our list of the top 50 celebs of 2013! Who do you think made it to number one?!

25. Sandra Bullock
24. Amber Heard
23. Amanda Seyfried
22. Gwyneth Paltrow
21. Charlize Theron
20. Emma Stone
19. Blake Lively
18. Kerry Washington
17. Nicole Kidman
16. Emma Watson
15. Anne Hathaway
14. Reese Witherspoon
13. Hilary Duff
12. Halle Berry
11. Mila Kunis

Ako želite da saznate ko je na prvom mjestu, kliknite na link ispod:

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03/01/2014 15:27