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Hilary Duff: How My Post-Baby Style Has Changed (...)

Imamo novi intervju koji je uradio magazin People sa Hilary.

Hilary Duff may regularly appear in our “Love Her Outfit!” gallery, but she thinks she needs to kick her personal style up a notch. Nearly two years after having son Luca, Duff says she wants get back to work — and to improve her image while she’s at it.

“I’m getting ready to start working again, so I’m finally going to hire a stylist,” she told PEOPLE at a Sodastream-sponsored event at Switch Boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif. (where she wore a Cami NYC top and black high-waisted jeans). “We’ll see how [my style] changes. Two hours ago I put the kid down and threw this outfit together … when I’m working [my look] might be different when I have a little more help.”

That doesn’t mean we should expect a major overhaul, though. As Duff says, “I have a good perception of what I like, and what I don’t like, and who I want to be, and who I don’t want to be.” And she’s not going to return to her pre-baby days, where she might reach for something just because it was on-trend and not necessarily because she loved it.

“When I was younger it was more about what was fashionable instead of what fit my body,” she said. “Now my body has obviously changed since I’ve had a baby. There are things that work for me now that didn’t before … When I had more time to work on [my outfit in the past], it might have been a little more thought out, tricked out, but that’s annoying to me now.”

Another way that her style has changed? She’s not as likely to fill her closet with trendy pieces, choosing instead to splurge on classic items. “I probably have less in my closet then I did before,” she said. “I have more things that I want to rotate, and I pay more for them but I enjoy them more.”


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29/12/2013 20:28