» THE QUEEN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
» Hilary To Star In Darren Star’s TV Land Pilot ‘Younger’
» EXCLUSIVE: Hilary and Mike are separating
» 'Lizzie McGuire' Co-Star Daniel Escobar Dies at 49
» Song Titles Confirmed: Better Days, Outlaw, Tearing Down Walls and Breathing Room


Gašenje bloggera

Iako nisam redovna već duže vrijeme ovdje, iskreno, srce mi se slomilo kada sam ugledala šta će se desiti 1. marta! Nadam se da je ovo neka uradnjena, užasna prvoaprilska šala, mada, male su šanse.
Sedam godina rada će biti poništeno 1. marta. Stvarno, dragi vlasnici Bloggera, zar niste mogli naplaćivati mjesečno marku za korištenje Blogger servisa, ubaciti oglase ili nešto tako? A i kao da ga morate održavati, pustite Blogger.ba neka bude ovakav kakav jeste, uštedite i na tome. :D

Toliko toga sam naučila ovdje (html, photoshop...), upoznala ljudi, uživala pišući o nekome koga volim neizmjerno. Stvarno mi je srce slomljeno! A ja... Ja, ukoliko se vratim uređivanju stranica, ću vas obavijestiti na mojoj Twitter stranici.


I came here just to wish happy birthday to my love of life, my dear queen and inspiration for every aspect of my life: Dear Hilary, happy birthday! May this one be the best of all past birthdays and I hope Mike, Luca, Haylie and all your loved ones make it very special! I love you! ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL!


THE QUEEN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I'MMMMMMMMMMMM! OmG! You guys, my dear TeamDuff will understand me! The waiting is finally over!!! I don't want to write too much in this post, because I need to go fangirl and enjoy the summer while I'm Chasing the Sun. ;)


February 22 - Arriving at the Miley Cyrus concert, Staples Center

As you could read, Hilary went on Miley Cyrus' concert in Los Angeles, 3 days ago. We have photos, tweets and videos. :D

Also, we have videos of Hilary and Marcus heading to the concert. FANS WENT CRAZY! OmG, it is really #DuffDomination2014.


February 21 - Candids

» Arriving at the GYM, Los Angeles

Hilary was seen three days ago as she was being sexy, sexy, sexy before her workout in LA. :)

Except photos, we have video too! Take a look:

» Arriving at the recording studio, West Hollywood

We've got some more candids from February 21. Hilary was seen as she was arriving at the recording studio. Everybody loves to see Hilary in the recording studio!

» At Cecconi's, Los Angeles

Hilary was seen once again in February 21. She was seen as she was leaving Cecconi's in L A.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

February 20 - Candids

» Arriving at the GYM, Los Angeles

We have bunch of candids from February 20! First of all, we have candids where Hilary was seen as she was arriving at her gym in Los Angeles. Click on image above if you want to see pictures.

» Leaving Bristol Farms, West Hollywood

Then, Hilary did some groceries shopping at Bristol Farms and was seen as she was leaving the place.

» Out & About with Luca, Los Angeles

After groceries shopping, Hilary and Luca had some mohter-son time and were seen on streets of Los Angels.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

February 19 - Candids

» Arriving at the GYM, Los Angeles

Hilary was seen yesterday as she was arriving at her gym in Los Angeles. I really love her bag and shirt! Click on image above to see the album. :)

» Having Lunch at Cecconi's, West Hollywood

Paparazzi won't let her alone! Hilary was photographed yesterday afternoon when she was about to have lunch at Cecconi's in West Hollywood.

» Leaving Cecconi's, West Hollywood

Hilary was photographed when she was leaving Cecconi's.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

"[Hilary] was the coolest thing in the world!"

Demi Lovato is on the tour now. In her speech she said that she saw Hilary on Hilary's concert and some really nice and beautiful things about her! It's so nice to see that stars like Demi, Miley and Selena love Hilary and look at her like their role model. Such a shame that they don't behave like Hilary does (except, maybe, Demi).


February 18 - Candids

» Arriving at the GYM, Los Angeles

We have today's candids! :D Hilary was spotted as she was arriving at her gym today in Los Angeles. Beauty! ♥

» Shopping in Beverly Hills

More candids from February 18! After her session in gym, Hilary was seen doing shopping in Beverly Hills. Maybe she was buying a present for her sister's birthday. :)

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

February 17 - Arriving at a Nail Salon in Beverly Hills

Hilary was seen yesterday as she was arriving at a nail salon in Beverly Hills. Her laugh energy is so strong it radiates to me. :D :D :D
Her laugh makes me smile and happy. :)

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

New Instagram video

Hilary is on vacation. She was on a beach with her friend and posted a video on her Instagram account.


Lizzie McGuire Ended 10 Years Ago: 7 Fashion Tips It Gave Us

Lizzie McGuire ended yesterday ten years ago. On ryanseacrest.com you can find 7 fashion tips Lizzie Mcguire taught us. So here they are:

February 14 marks the 10-year anniversary of the final episode of Disney’s Lizzie McGuire.

The show ran from 2001 to 2004 and in that time Lizzie, played by Hilary Duff, and her pals, Miranda and Gordo, taught us how to deal with so many of life’s ups and downs … and even fashion. From the scrunchies to the tie-dye shirts, we loved it all!

In honor of the decade that has past since the show came to its close, we have compiled a list of 7 different fashion tips we have learned from the ever-so-stylish, Lizzie McGuire.

1. Bad hair day? No worries, put your hair in pigtails!



2. How to deal with taking school pictures



3. Bored with your style? You can always try to go for the “rebellious” look



4. Make sure you never get caught in this tricky situation …



5. Your smile is your best accessory!



6. When in doubt, ask your friends what they think



7. Finally, never be afraid to go for a bold hairstyle.




February 11 - On the set of Younger, New York City

Hilary was seen on the set of Younger two days ago. I'm so excited about this new show, can't explaaaaaain you how muchchchhh!!! GOD!

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

February 11 - Out and About, New York City

Hilary was seen out and about in NYC two days ago. :)))

Images via: OH-Hilary.com

February 11 - Walking with Luca and Mike, New York City

Hilary was seen when she was taking a walk with Mike and Luca. It is nice to that everything is well between them during their separation. :)))

Images via: OH-Hilary.com

Hilary singed about 50 CDs for a fan

Hilary is dedicated to her fans as much as we are dedicated to her!! A fan got singed his huge CD collection by Hilary. Hilary posted a photo on Twitter saying how it melted her heart:

The fan thanked Hilary over Twitter and posted some photos which were taken when he was meeting Hilz (I'd die if I were himmmmmmm!) :

February 10 - Arriving Back at her Hotel, New York City

Hilary was seen yesterday when she was arriving back to her hotel in New York City.

Images via: OH-Hilary.com

New info about "Flock of Dudes"

We have more information about Flock of Dudes.


Levin recently wrote and produced “Flock of Dudes," whose director and co-writer Bob Castrone is a fellow Towson graduate. Jason Zumwalt, whom Levin met while working on a comedy show in New York, co-wrote the screenplay.

Chris D’Elia plays Adam, a 30-something who decides it’s time to “break up” with his friends in an effort to be more successful with women. “Flock of Dudes” is based loosely on Levin and his friends' experiences as young, single New York writers. It took inspiration from Judd Apatow’s “The 40-Year Old Virgin” and Todd Phillip’s “Old School."

The comedy has assembled an impressive cast, including Ray Liotta, Hilary Duff, “Pitch Perfect's” Skylar Astin and Hannah Simone of "New Girl". Levin and his fellow filmmakers are now on the hunt for a distributor for the movie. Once they find one, they plan to promote it nationally and hold screenings in Baltimore.

“Fortunately, 'Flock of Dudes' was a script that, for a lot of the people we wanted, was something they really responded to,” Levin says about assembling his all-star cast.

This is not the entire text, if you want to read more click on the source:

February 05 - Attending the Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden

Hilary was seen at the Portland Trail Blazers vs New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden six days ago. Hilary went to NYC to shoot the pilot for Younger.

Here are the tweets Hilary sent during the game:

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 31 - At the How You Glow Launch Event

Hilary attended How You Glow launch event presented by SkinnyTees last day of January. She was there with two friends. She is the most beautiful human being on the Earth!

She tweeted a photo from the event:

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 24 - February 08: Candids Update

I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating my blog recently. Like I tweeted, I wasn't able to update because of my final exams.
Now I'm here and I will post everything I missed. First of all, candids. So let's go:

» Jaunuary 24 - Leaving a Private GYM, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 26 - Shopping with Luca at a Hollywood Flea Market
» Jaunuary 27 - With Luca Cruz at Coldwater Canyon Park, Beverly Hills
» Jaunuary 27 - Out and About with Luca, Beverly Hills
» Jaunuary 28 - Leaving a Pilates Class, Toluca Lake
» Jaunuary 29 - Visiting a Lawyer's Office, Beverly Hills
» Jaunuary 29 - Taking Luca Cruz to "Fit For Kids" Children's GYM, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 30 - At Cecconi's Restaurant in a Business Meeting, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 30 - Picking Up Luca from School, Studio City
» Jaunuary 31 - Leaving at an Interpretation Class, The Valley
» Jaunuary 31 - At a Private GYM, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 31 - Shopping at Curves, West Hollywood
» February 01 - With Luca at Newsroom Restaurant, Los Angeles
» February 02 - Shopping at Gelson's with Luca, West Hollywood
» February 02 - Shopping at Objets d'Art Spirit, in West Hollywood
» February 04 - Arriving at Rockwood NYC Club with Lauren, New York City
» February 05 - Arriving at the Madison Square Garden, New York City
» February 06 - Walking Around Soho, New York City
» February 08 - At 'Younger' Location in Manhattan
» February 08 - Taking a Break from filming 'Younger' with Luca Cruz and Mike Comrie, Manhattan

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 25 - At the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala 2014

Kao što sam najabvila u prošlom postu, Hilary je 25. januara prisustvovala pre-Grammy gala večeri. Definitivno je najljepša djevojka na svijetu!

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 25 - Going To a Salon, Sherman Oaks

Hilary je viđena kako odlazi u salon ljepote jučer, 26. januara. Taj isti dan Hilary je prisustvovala pre-Grammy gala večeri. Iskreno se nadam da će Hilary također prisustvovati i dodjeli Grammy nagrada. Kako je krenulo (sa ova zadnja tri događaja u jednoj sedmici), na dobrom smo putu. ;)))

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

Carole King Was Hilary's Road Trip Music [VIDEO]

Na službenoj stranici Grammy-a je objavljen intervju sa Hilary. Naravno, pričala je o Carole King, o tome kako se raduje nastupu Lady Gage i o svom albumu!


Hilary at 2014 MusiCares Person of The Year [VIDEO]

Hilary je prije dva dana prisustvovala događaju koji je održan u čast Carole King, pod imenom The 2014 MusiCares Person Of The Year. Dobili smo i video sa crvenog tepiha pa pogledajte. :)


January 24 - At the 2014 MusiCares Person Of The Year Honoring Carole King

Hilary je prisustvovala drugom događaju ove godine (i sedmice). Prelijepa kao i uvijek. Baš je sjajila na ovom događaju kao da njeno vrijeme tek sad dolazi. Baš je volim!

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 24 - Leaving a Gym, West Hollywood

Hilary je viđena kako izlazi iz teretane u West Hollywood-u. Stvarno se vidi na njoj napredak i da je smršala. Nadam se da neće pretjrati a inače je... savršena!

Images via: OH-Hilary.com

Hilary talks about her new album [VIDEO]

Baš što spomenula da bih voljela poslušati / pogledati intervju sa prekjučerašnjeg partija, tad i ugledah da zapravo imamo taj video! Enjoy!


Hilary on the red carpet at the Delta Air Lines Grammy Party [VIDEO]

Jučer sam objavila slike sa ove zabave na kojoj je Hilary prisustvovala 23. januara, a sada vam donosim video! Na videu se vidi da je Hilary dala intervju, pa jedva čekam da ga čujem!


January 23 - Delta Air Line Grammy Party

Hilary je prisustvovala pre-Grammy zabavi u Los Angelesu. Ovo je Hilarino prvo službeno pojavljivanje u ovoj godini i nakon razvoda. Hilary je prelijepa! Stvarno, kako može biti ovako savršena?!

Images via: OH-Hilary.com

January 23 - At a Recording Studio, Los Angeles

Hilary je treći dan za redom viđena kako ide u studio!!! Ne znam šta da kažem... ne mogu!

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 22 - Arriving at a Recording Studio, Los Angeles

Ponovo slike od Hilary kako ide u studioooo! #TeamDuff je tako sretan zbog ovih slika, JA sam tako sretna zbog ovih slika!!!

Images via: OH-Hilary.com

January 20 - At Justin Timberlake's concert

Hilz je neku noć bila na koncertu od Justina Timberlake-a. How cool is that?

Images via: Twitter | Instagram

January 21 - At Recording Studio, West Hollywood

Hilary je viđena kako izlazi iz studia držeći u rukama svoj MAC laptop. Hilz je najaviila da će tokom proljeća objaviti singl koji će najaviti izlazak njenog novog albuma tokom ove godine. JA SAM SUPER-UZBUĐENA, JEDVA ČEKAM!!! #DuffDomination2014

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

Filming Real Girl's Kitchen

Hilarina sestra Haylie svoj blog Real Girl's Kitchen je pretvorila u knjigu i emisiju. Pisala sam o knjizi već jednom a u ovom postu vam donosim slike sa snimanja emisije.

Images via: Twitter | Instagram

January 19 - At a Private GYM, West Hollywood

Fit Duff! Hilary je neki dan viđena kako ide u teretanu.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 18 - At a Play Date, West Hollywood

Evo mene napokon! Hilary je viđena u West Hollywood prije 6 dana. :D

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

Ad for "March for Babies" campaign

@HilaryNews je objavio sliku/scan od Hilary. Ta slika je izašla u People magazinu kao reklama za kapmanju Marš za bebe.


Hilary's Lizzie McGuire co-star Adam Lamberg answered a question about her

Da li se sjećate lika po imenu Gordo iz Lizzie McGuire serije i filma? Naravno! Eh, on je na svom Tumblr blogu odgovarao na pitanja fanova i neko mu je postavio pitanje da li je još uvijek u kontaktu sa Hilary (Lizzie) i Lalaine (Miranda). Na slici možete pročitati njegov dogovor.

Images via: Twitter.com/HilaryNews

Hilary To Star In Darren Star’s TV Land Pilot ‘Younger’

Kao što sam naslov kaže, Hilary će se vratiti na male ekrane ove godine! To nam poručuje Deadline.com kao i službena stranica IMDb.
Nešto više pročitajte u nastavku:

EXCLUSIVE: Hilary Duff is set to star opposite Sutton Foster in Younger, TV Land’s single-camera comedy pilot written and executive produced by Sex And the City creator Darren Star. Based on the novel by Pamela Redmond Satran, Younger centers on Liza (Foster), a 40-something woman who reinvents herself and starts living a double life; one as a suburban mom and another as a 29-year old working girl in the city, after her husband leaves her and her child goes to college. Duff will play Kelsey, a smart ambitious 20-something who welcomes Liza to the publishing firm, treats her as a contemporary and makes a concerted effort to integrate her into her social life, having no idea that Liza is a decade older. Lizzie McGuire and Gossip Girl alumna Duff, repped by Gersh and Curtis Talent Management, recently appeared on Two And A Half Men and Raising Hope.


January 12 - 17: Candids update

Zbog ispitnih obaveza, nisam stigla da na vrijeme objavljujem postove.
Hilary i Mike su još jednom bili viđeni nakon što su objavili vijest o razvodu. Nakon toga, Hilary je viđena bez zaručničkog i vjenčanog prstena. Baš mi je žao, ali svijetla tačka je u tome što su zajedno donijeli tu odluku. Elem, evo candid slika koje nisam stigla objaviti ove sedmice:

» Jaunuary 12 - Driving Back Home after Brunch
» Jaunuary 13 - Leaving a Private GYM, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 13 - Runs Errands with Luca Cruz, Los Angeles
» Jaunuary 13 - Arriving a Private GYM, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 14 - At a Restaurant, Beverly Hills
» Jaunuary 15 - At the GYM, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 15 - Running errands, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 15 - Leaving Face Place, West Hollywood
» Jaunuary 16 - Takes Luca Cruz to a Baby Class, Beverly Hills
» Jaunuary 17 - Leaving the GYM, West Hollywood

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 12 - At the Four Seasons Hotel with Mike and Luca, Beverly Hills

Ovo su prve slike koje smo dobili nakon što je Hilary na Twitteru objavila da se ona i Mike razvode. Hilary, Mike i mali Luca su viđeni u Four Seasons hotelu, prije dva dana.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

13th birthday of 1st Lizzie Mcguire episode | 10th birthday of Come Clean

Ove sedmice smo imali dva rođendana u Hilarinoj karijeri. Naime, prva epizoda Diznijeve serije Lizzie Mcguire, koja je napravila Hilary zvijezdom, je prikazana 12. januara prije 13 godina, dok je drugi singl sa albuma Metemorphosis po nazivom Come Clean prkazan prvi put 13. januara prije 10 godina.


January 08 - Signing a Poster of a Fan, Beverly Hills

Hilary uvijek ima vremena za fanove, no matter what! Januara 8. je viđena kako potpisuje poster za jednog obožavatelja. Blago njemu. :r

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

EXCLUSIVE: Hilary and Mike are separating!!!

Hilary i Mike se razvode! Šokirana sam! Osjećala sam se kao da je momak sa mnom prekinuo kada sam pročitala vijesti. :S
Mike i Hilary su zajedno odlučili da se razvedu. Ostat će prijatelji i posvetit će se odgajanju njihovog sina. Izvor blizak sa Hilary za magazin People je rekao:

"They remain best friends and will continue to be in each other's lives. They are dedicated to loving and parenting their amazing son, and ask for privacy at this time."
Takođe, rečeno je da su njih dvoje stvarno veliki prijatelji. Nije se desio niti jedan incident niti jedan veliki događaj koji ih je natjerao da se razvedu - rečeno, je da se dugo odlučivalo o ovome, trudili su se, išli su na terapije za parove, ali ništa nije pomoglo jer se vide samo kao prijatelji a ne kao bračni parovi:
"They remain best friends and will continue to be in each other's lives. They are dedicated to loving and parenting their amazing son, and ask for privacy at this time."
Hilary je postavila Tweet o ovome jučer: Evo nekoliko čalnaka koji govore o ovom:
Perezhilton.com: Hilary Duff Has Announced Sad Split From Hubby Mike Comrie!!!
Hollywoodlife.com: Hilary Duff & Husband Mike Comrie Split — Fans Respond On Twitter
Canada.com: Hilary Duff and former NHL star Mike Comrie split
Popsugar.com: Hilary Duff and Her Husband Are Separating
Cosmopilitan.com: Hilary Duff and Husband Mike Comrie Separating
Huffingtonpost.com: Hilary Duff, Mike Comrie Split: Couple Separates After Three Years Of Marriage
Dnevnik.hr: Hollywoodski par sve iznenadio odlukom - razvode se!
Ljepota.ba: Hilary Duff i Mike Comrie se razvode nakon tri godine braka

January 08 - Grocery shopping at Bristol Farms, Los Angeles

Hilary je viđena jučer (8. 1.) dok je kupovala neke prehrambene artikle na Bristol Farmi u Los Angelesu.

Images via: OH-Hilary.com

January 07 - At Coldwater Park with Mike and Luca, Beverly Hills

Ove candids slike iz Coldwater Park-a su mi definitivno najslađe!!! Prvo suviše slatki Hilary i Luca prije par dana a sad Hilary i Mike i Luca! Želim da malo više idu u ovaj park. :D

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 07 - Heading to Have Lunch at La Conversation with Luca, Los Angeles

Prije dva dana Hilary i Luca su išli ručati u La Conversation, u Los Angeles-u.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 06 - Shopping, Beverly Hills

Hilary je obavljala neki shopping prije tri dana (6.1.). Izgledala mi je nešto potišteno, valjda je sve ok.

Images via: OH-Hilary.com

January 06 - Out and about, Los Angeles

Hilary je viđena prije tri dana na ulicama Los Angelesa.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 03 - Strolling Around with Luca, Beverly Hills

Prije ili poslije nego što su viđeni u Coldwater park-u, Hilary i Luca su viđeni na ulicama Beverly Hills-a, opet totalno slatki. :DDD

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 03 - At Coldwater Park with Luca, Beverly Hills

Imamo još jedan album od 3. januara. Hilary i Luca su viđeni u Coldwater Park-u kako se igraju zajedno! Koliko su samo slatki, slatki, slatki! Predivno!

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

January 03 - At a Hair Salon, West Hollywood

Prve candids slike ove godine, yeeeyyy! Hilary je treći dan ove godine viđena ispred frizerskog salona.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 31 - Out for Lunch with Luca, Beverly Hills

Mama i sin su viđeni kako idu na ručak na dan Nove godine. Kako je Luca samo porastao! Više ga ne smijem zvati mali Luca hhh. :D

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 30 - Grabbing a Coffee, Los Angeles

Hilary je viđena 30. decembra kako ide po kafu. Obožavam i nju i kafu!

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 30 - Leaving the Gym, Los Angeles

Dan prije Nove godine, Hilary je viđena kako ide u teretanu.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 29 - At Kriser's Pet Store, Studio City

Hilary i Luca su viđeni kod Kriser's prodavnice za kućne ljubimce 29. decembra.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 26 - Shopping at Ralphs, Los Angeles

Hilary je viđena u četvrtak, 26. decembra, kako obavlja shopping u Ralphs.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 26 - Out for Breakfast, Beverly Hills

Hilary je dan poslije Božića bila viđena kako ide kupiti doručak.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

Just Jared's 50 Most Popular Celebs 2013

JustJared.com je, takođe, objavio listu najpopularnijih osoba u 2013. godini. Ovaj put se Hilary nalazi na 41. mjestu. Čestitammm!

It has been one very eventful year in the world of entertainment and now as the year comes to a close, we are recapping who our readers have made JustJared.com‘s most popular celebrities of 2013.

These rankings were based on whose stories you all were clicking on the most, sharing with your friends, commenting on, and more. It all came down to the numbers!

We have already revealed our top posts of the year, as well as the most popular music acts, actors, and actresses, so keep reading to find out the top celebs.

Check out JustJared.com‘s most popular personalities, musicians, and movie stars of the year and let us know who were your favorites!

50. Chris Hemsworth
49. Gisele Bundchen
48. Nicole Kidman
47. Emma Watson
46. Channing Tatum
45. David Beckham
44. Anne Hathaway
43. Justin Timberlake
42. Reese Witherspoon
41. Hilary Duff
40. Chris Brown
39. Halle Berry
38. Ian Somerhalder
37. Mila Kunis
36. Adam Levine
35. Jennifer Lopez
34. Robert Pattinson
33. Lea Michele
32. Henry Cavill
31. Nina Dobrev
30. Cory Monteith
29. Lady Gaga
28. Zac Efron
27. Alexander Skarsgard
26. Katie Holmes

Ako želite da saznate ko je na prvom mjestu, kliknite na link ispod:

Just Jared's Most Popular Actresses 2013

JustJared.com je objavi listu najpopularnijih glumica u 2013. godini. Naravno, tu se našla Hilary na 13. mjestu. Čestitam Hilary!

It has been a big year for women in Hollywood and now we are ranking who our readers made the most popular of 2013!

The list includes this year’s two female Oscar-winning actresses (one of whom is a frontrunner for another one next year), some newly engaged and married women, a couple of new mothers, and more.

Did your favorite actresses make JustJared.com‘s cut?

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow to see who made our list of the top 50 celebs of 2013! Who do you think made it to number one?!

25. Sandra Bullock
24. Amber Heard
23. Amanda Seyfried
22. Gwyneth Paltrow
21. Charlize Theron
20. Emma Stone
19. Blake Lively
18. Kerry Washington
17. Nicole Kidman
16. Emma Watson
15. Anne Hathaway
14. Reese Witherspoon
13. Hilary Duff
12. Halle Berry
11. Mila Kunis

Ako želite da saznate ko je na prvom mjestu, kliknite na link ispod:

December 23 - Leaving Il Pastaio, Los Angeles

Imamo još jedan album od 23. decembra. Hilary je bila viđena kako napušta restoran po imenu Il Pastaio na Beverly Hillsu u Los Angelesu.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 23 - Shopping at Whole Foods with Luca, Los Angeles

Hilary i Luca su obavljaji shopping u Whole Foods u Los Angeles-u. Vjerovatno je to bio neki Božićni shopping i to. :D

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 23 - Leaving the Gym, Los Angeles

Hilary je viđenakako izlazi iz teretane u kojoj trenira. Imala je na sebi Motorhead majicu, što znači da je još uvijek njihov fan nakon mnogo godina (da napomenem: Hilary je viđena u toj majici u nekoliko navrata tokom prošlih godina).

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 22 - Shopping at the Beverly Glen Center, Bel Air

Hilary je, izgleda, ponovo Djed Mraz. :D Hilary i Luca su viđeni na Beil Airu kako obavljaju pred-Božićni shopping.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 21 - Shopping at Ron Herman with Luca, Los Angeles

Imamo još jedan album od 21. decembra prošle godine. :P
Hilary je viđena kako kupuje u Ron Herman nešto, dok joj je mali Luca pravio društvo.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 21 - Out and about with Luca, Los Angeles

Hilary i Luca su viđeni u subotu, 21. decembra u Los Angelesu.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

'Lizzie McGuire' Co-Star Daniel Escobar Dies at 49

Prije par dana umro je Daniel Escobar, Hilarin kolega iz Lizzie Mcguire.

Daniel Escobar, best known for his role as Hilary Duff's teacher on Lizzie McGuire, died at age 49 Credit: Carrie Devorah / WENN

Daniel Escobar, an actor who appeared opposite Hilary Duff on Disney's Lizzie McGuire, has died, The Hollywood Reporter said Tuesday, Dec. 17. He was 49.

According to the site, Escobar passed away on Friday, Dec. 13, at a hospital in L.A. He had been suffering complications from diabetes.

A trained Shakespearean actor, the star was best known as Lizzie McGuire's teacher Mr. Escobar, a role he played from 2001 to 2002. He also recurred on Dharma & Greg and had guest appearances on shows including Weeds, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Malcolm in the Middle, Two and a Half Men, and How I Met Your Mother.

Among his film credits were Blow, The Mexican, Mark Ruffalo's Sympathy for Delicious, and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.


December 20 - Shopping at Barneys with Lauren, Beverly Hills

Hilary i Lauren su viđene 20. decembra kako idu u kupovinu u Barneys. KOLIKO JE SAMO LIJEPA AAAA!

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

Hilary talks about motherhood and working on her new

Hilary je dala intervju za vrijeme podjele paketića u dječijoj bolnici u Kanadi za ET Canada. Pričala je o dvije svoje najaktuelnije teme: majčinstvo i novi album. Pogledajte... :)


December 20 - Going to the Gym, Los Angeles

Hilary se zaista trudi da vrati liniju prije nego što se vrati na muzičku scenu (mada je po meni ona uvijek prezgodna :D). Elem, viđena je 20. decembra ponovo kako ide u teretanu. Sviđa mi se njena tašna!!! Baš ovakvu tražim za sebe!

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 19 - At the Grove with Mike and Luca, Los Angeles

Još jedan album od 19 decembra! Hilary je prelijepa, ja stvarno ne mogu da se nadivim.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 19 - Picking Up some Fresh Brothers Pizza, Beverly Hills

Hilary je viđena 19. decembra kako uzima pizzu iz Fresh Brothers Pizza. Fres Brothers Pizza su tweetali taj isti dan Hilary:

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 18 - Takes Luca Cruz to ''Fit For Kids'' GYM, West Hollywood

Imamo još jedan album od 18. decembra. Hilary je vodila malog Lucu na Fit for Kids (za one koje ne znaju, to je kao dječija teretana gdje je djeca poput Luce igraju, zabavljaju i zdravo razvijaju).

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 18 - Arriving to the gym, West Hollywood

Hilary je viđena kako odlazi u svoju teretanu 18. decembra.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

Hilary Duff: How My Post-Baby Style Has Changed (...)

Imamo novi intervju koji je uradio magazin People sa Hilary.

Hilary Duff may regularly appear in our “Love Her Outfit!” gallery, but she thinks she needs to kick her personal style up a notch. Nearly two years after having son Luca, Duff says she wants get back to work — and to improve her image while she’s at it.

“I’m getting ready to start working again, so I’m finally going to hire a stylist,” she told PEOPLE at a Sodastream-sponsored event at Switch Boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif. (where she wore a Cami NYC top and black high-waisted jeans). “We’ll see how [my style] changes. Two hours ago I put the kid down and threw this outfit together … when I’m working [my look] might be different when I have a little more help.”

That doesn’t mean we should expect a major overhaul, though. As Duff says, “I have a good perception of what I like, and what I don’t like, and who I want to be, and who I don’t want to be.” And she’s not going to return to her pre-baby days, where she might reach for something just because it was on-trend and not necessarily because she loved it.

“When I was younger it was more about what was fashionable instead of what fit my body,” she said. “Now my body has obviously changed since I’ve had a baby. There are things that work for me now that didn’t before … When I had more time to work on [my outfit in the past], it might have been a little more thought out, tricked out, but that’s annoying to me now.”

Another way that her style has changed? She’s not as likely to fill her closet with trendy pieces, choosing instead to splurge on classic items. “I probably have less in my closet then I did before,” she said. “I have more things that I want to rotate, and I pay more for them but I enjoy them more.”


December 15 - Leaving the Recording Studio, NYC

Hilary je maksuz išla u New York da snimi pjesmu (ili pjesme)! Imamo candid slike u ovom albumu.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 14 - Attending Lea Michele’s Night of Shopping & Cocktails with Haylie, Beverly Hills

Hilary i njena sestra Haylie su prisustvovale zabavi koju je priredila Glee zvijezda, Lea Michele. :)

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 13 - Out for Breakfast with Mike and Luca, West Hollywood

Imamo još jedan album od 13. decembra. Hilary, Mike i mali Luca su viđeni kako idu na doručak.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 13 - Out & About with Luca, Los Angeles

Hilary i Luca su jučer imali mama-sin vrijeme, pa su viđeni na ulicama Los Angeles-a kako se šetaju. Lijepo, lijepo!

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 13 - Going To the Gym, West Hollywood

Hilary, očito naporno radi da dovede svoju liniju i kondiciju do savršenstva!

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

HilaryNews Exclusive Interview: Hilary Reveals All!

Napokon smo dobili fan-intervju sa Hilary! U intervjuu je Hilary pričala o muzici, filmovima, prošlosti, Mike i Luci. Ovo je najbolji intervju IKADA! Hvala @HilaryNews!
Ovdje ću postaviti oba djela intervjua, a ako želite da pročitate intervju, u slučaju da ne razumijete, link vam je ispod videa:


December 12 - Leaving LA Conversation, Los Angeles

Imamo još jedan album jučerašnjih candid slika. Hilary je viđena kako odlazi sa nekog razgovora. Kao što možete vidjeti iz priloženog, slike su loše kvalitete. Nadam se da ćemo uskoro dobiti bolje.

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 12 - Shopping at James Perse, Hollywood

Hilary je viđena jučer u shoppingu u James Perse, u Hollywood-u. :)

Images via: HilaryDuff.com.br

December 10 - Leaving a Recording Studio, Studio City

Soooo here comes Duff leaving a recording studio!!! Tako sam sretna i uzbuđena zbog novog albuma!

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 10 - Leaving a Restaurant with Mike and Luca, Los Angeles

Porodica Comrie-Duff je viđena prekjučer kako izlazi iz jednog restorana u Los Angeles-u.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 09 - Driving Out Barney's with Luca, Beverly Hills

Imamo candid slike od početka ove sedmice. Hilary je viđena kako izlazi sa pariknga zajedno sa Lucom u autu.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 10 - At the GYM, West Hollywood

Hilary je viđena prije dva dana kako ide u teretanu. :)

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 09 - At the Jay Z Concert with her Friends, Staples Center

Hilary, zajedno sa svoje dvije drugarice, je viđena kako ide na JayZ-ev koncert u Staples Centru. "Twitala" je o tome:

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

@HilaryNews reveals what the Hilary News Exclusive is!

Kao što možete vidjeti u naslovu, @HilaryNews su objavili šta je to, koja je to ekskluziva i objavili moj post na svom profilu! Kako sam samo sretna sad, što neko primijeti moj trud. :) Pogotovo tako "velika" stranica!
Svoju ražnjenjenost ću ostaviti po strani, so here's the thing: radi se o intervjuu koji su uradili sa Hilary! San svakog pojedinca iz #TeamDuff! Sumirala sam sve twittove što se tiče toga:


December 08 - Out for breakfast and Shopping with Susan, Mike and Luca, Old Town Pasadena

Hilary, Mike, Luca i mama Susan su jučer, 8. decembra, viđeni kako idu na doručak i shopping u Pasadeni.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

March For Babies

Hilary je pridružila još jednom humanitarnom projektu. Hilary ponovo pomaže mamama. Pogledajte video i saznajte nešto više.


@HilaryNews Exclusive

Najpopularnija i najobuhvatnija Twitter stranica o Hilary, @HilaryNews, je najavila neku ekskluzivu. Svi se nadamo da će to biti intervju sa Hilary. Evo twittova koje su objavili na toj stranici vezanih za ovo:

Jedva čekam! Budem vam prenijela sve!!!

December 07 - At the GYM, West Hollywood

Hilary je viđena u subotu, 7. decembra, kako ide u teretanu.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

December 06 - At Whole Foods with Luca, Beverly Hills

Hilary je bila viđena prošli petak, 6. decembra, u kupovini hrane, zajedno sa Lucom.

Images via: Hilary-Duff.com.mx

Hilary Duff On Avoiding The Child Star Curse

Još jedan u nizu intervjua od 4. decembra. U ovom postu vam donosim intervju sa ET Canada:

Hilary Duff is a rarity in the post-Disney child star world. From 2001 to 2004 she starred in 65 episodes of the breakout hit, The Lizzie McGuire Show, followed by a movie spin-off that grossed over $42 million at the box office. Like other Disney stars she went onto find success in the music world with three albums that gave us candy pop classics like Come Clean, So Yesterday, Beat of my Heart, Fly, Sweet Sixteen.

Unlike Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and even The Jonas Brothers, Duff has always maintained a shouldn't-be-surprising , but is, level of normalcy. She's seemingly well adjusted and never fell victim to the child star curse. There were no DUIs, stints in rehabs, public breakdowns, embarrassing photos, or sex tapes.

How did she make it through without becoming a statistic making headlines for the wrong reasons? Now, 26, a wife to Canadian hockey star Mike Comrie and mother to a 20-month old son, Luca, the actress reflects: "It's too hard to try to explain that, I don't have a good reason for it. I think you are who you are a little bit. I also have a pretty strong family who doesn't let me think I'm too cool - ever. I tried to not run in certain crowds, I tried to keep my life private."

In 2008, the star stepped away from the spotlight, taking a professional hiatus, by choice, and she says that time helped her transition into life as an adult: "I worked for so long, it was just time for me to do life stuff... I think a big part of me taking that big break was seeing myself not enjoying what I was doing anymore, not getting on the wrong track, I just needed to stop it, so I stopped it. I think that helped me really get in touch with who I am, and what I love and who I want to be and all these things are important for growing as an adult."

For those who weren't so lucky, Hilary has sympathy and admits growing up with everyone watching, while navigating through the highs and lows that come along with fame, isn't as easy as it looks.

"A lot of the stories are quite sad and I feel bad for them because I know what this industry can do to you and how it can get to you and the pressure is huge... It's constant scrutiny and pressure and people staring at you and always hoping you're making the right choice for your career, not messing up. It's a lot. I think everyone just does the best they can."

Hilary may have been gone for a little while, but she definitely has not been forgotten, with over 8 million Twitter followers, who are eagerly waiting for new music. She says her first single should arrive by spring and describes her sound as fun, upbeat, 'dancy' and earthy. But after a hiatus, she does admit, she's nervous about making a pop-music comeback.

"There's still that fear there that maybe it won't work like it did before, I don't know! I just have to put my best efforts forth and try to be me and hope that's what works. I'm happy with or without it, but I want it!"

Source: Etcanada.com

Hilary Duff interview: Charity, hockey, mom guilt and more

Imamo još jedan intervju, pa ako želite, pročitajte ga u nastavku:

Haley Overland chats with Hilary Duff about her latest charity initiative, being a hockey wife, the media, mom guilt and more!

I had the pleasure of chatting with actress/singer Hilary Duff earlier this week (Lizzy McGuire!). She was in Toronto for a special event at SickKids Hospital for Duracell’s “Powering Holiday Smiles” campaign — which donated 20,000 batteries to hospitals across Canada to power up both medical devices and playroom toys.

NOTE: From now until December 27, for every pack of Duracell Quantum AA-16 batteries you buy, Duracell will donate $1 to Children’s Miracle Network (with a minimum of $25,000). Check out www.facebook.com/Duracell for more details.

Hilary was so warm and friendly — I had a great time talking to her! Here’s what she says about being part of this charitable initiative, being a hockey wife, parenting in the spotlight, MOM GUILT, and more!

Haley: What made you want to become part of this great cause?

Hilary: They approached me and told me about the campaign and that they were working with Children’s Miracle Network. I started doing my research and was so touched by the work [the network] does and what they have accomplished over the past 30 years. The families that they touch and help, the research they do, the money they raise is just amazing; I couldn’t say no. I became conscious of Duracell and the importance of batteries — which is often something you don’t even think about. What is a toy without a battery? I know what my son is like when he has a toy that isn’t working properly because we don’t have any batteries on hand. It’s the end of his world! This is something I really wanted to be part of. Hasbro was generous enough to donate toys to playrooms in many children’s hospitals across Canada, and Duracell has made it really easy for Canadians to get involved. From now until December 27th, when customers purchase a 16 pack of Duracell batteries, a dollar goes to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Read more: Charitable giving: 7 things you need to know>

Haley: How will you teach your son to give back? I know he’s still young, but are you sharing this experience with him?

Hilary: Yeah, I am! I am trying. He’s still 20 months, so he’s a little young to understand. When we were growing up, my mom was always super involved in children’s charities and helping the homeless. Every Christmas, we’d adopt a family and cook them dinner. We’d drop off toys and she’d host holiday parties. She’d instill these kinds of values in us, and I want to pass this on to Luca. Right now we’re learning all about sharing! He’s good at sharing — he’s so sweet. We donate a lot of toys.

Haley: Aww, I love that. Now, tell me, what is it like to be a hockey wife; and what’s it like now that your husband (Mike Comrie) is retired?

Hilary: I was a hockey wife for a short amount of time, but I was a hockey girlfriend for a long time! Now that he’s retired, I’m not a hockey wife anymore, but I might soon be a hockey mom. My husband, Mike, is great. I’ve had wonderful experiences and have learned to love the sport. There’s this great sense of camaraderie.

Haley: I’m getting that from my son, too — he loves hockey. Just wait til those 7 a.m. practices start! What’s the hardest thing about being a mom and a public figure?

Hilary: I think being watched all day, every day, and having my photograph taken all the time is what’s the hardest. It’s not ideal. I can handle it because I am used to it, but I don’t think it’s fair for kids to have to deal with it. Luca is a little too young to understand what’s going on, but kids should be able to be kids for as long as possible, and I really want to fight for that.

Haley: Totally. Are you fighting for that? How will you fight for it, and what can we, as members of the media, do to help?

Hilary: Yeah, I mean, I know Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner did that whole thing in court, and I was surprised they didn’t try to rally together as many people and moms as they could. I totally will be an advocate for them. I believe a law is being passed in January so that taking pictures of celebrity children will be restricted in some way. I’m not sure if it’s going to happen or not. For the media, keeping it positive goes a long way [here, Hilary references a magazine that graded the best and worst moms in Hollywood — both of us shared how horrified we were by it]. You know, being a mother is something moms are the most proud of. You want to shout it out to the world, but not when it is being taken advantage of.

Read more: How I met Alyson Hannigan: The interview!>

Haley: If you could give one piece of advice to a new mom, what would it be?

Hilary: I remember putting so much pressure on myself. I would feel so guilty taking an hour to myself to nap, I couldn’t sleep. I thought it was my absolute job to be there with Luca every second. If there was a bad feeding, or if I couldn’t get him to stop crying, whatever it was — I’d end up feeling guilty. Sometimes, there are perfect days, and then there’s that one bad day and you end up feeling like it’s completely your fault. My piece of advice would be: As a caring mom, you are enough for them. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. When one thing goes wrong, don’t beat yourself up! It’s a mommy skill.

xo Haley-O


Canadianliving.com: 5 minutes with Hilary Duff By Alyssa Ashton

Još jedan u nizu intervjua koje je Hilary dala tokom Duracellovog projekta u dječijoj bolnici. Pročitajte u nastavku:

Yesterday I got to live out my teenage dreamI met actress and singer Hilary Duff. I refrained from singing any of her songs to her, but it was a challenge not to. Hilary was in Toronto for the Duracell “Powering Holiday Smiles” event at The Hospital for Sick Children. The Duracell initiative gives new toys to sick children and batteries to power the toys in hospital playrooms. Hilary was on hand to hand out the Hasbro toys to all the children and to officially give Duracell’s donation of 20,000 batteries to hospitals across Canada that are a part of the Children’s Miracle Network.

After meeting all the children, Hilary sat down for a quick interview about the event and of course to chat about her new album—lucky for us she told us when we can expect her new single. Since Hilary is one of our favourite celebrity moms, I couldn’t resist asking about her adorable son Luca, who turns two in March. Plus she shared what Canadian attributes attracted her to her husband, retired hockey player, Mike Comrie.

How did you get involved with this campaign?

Duracell contacted me and told me about the campaign and I got excited. I think that them working with Children’s Miracle Network and all the amazing work that they do, is so inspiring. I’m a big fan of them. The campaign is so unique, I never really thought about the toys not working at the hospital because they’re old or because they don’t have new batteries. That’s the last thing a kid wants to deal with, especially someone who has to spend time in a hospital. Anytime or during the holidays

How did it feel when you got to give all the kids their new toys?

I think that’s the real gift of the day is getting to meet the kids. And getting to hand them a toy and give them a hug. All of them were just beautiful and incredibly strong and brave. And some of them really leave a mark with you. I love getting to have those experiences. It also puts so much in perspective for me, that we think we have hard days, but we don’t have hard days until you’re in the hospital like this and you have a sick child.

You’re working on your new album, how’s it going?

It’s going really good. It’s been a few months and I’ve done about seven songs, so it feels good. I’ve done enough where I’ve figured out the direction and what I want it to sound like and what I want the content to be about. I’m still writing and in the studio a lot. But I think by Spring I should have a single. It feels good.

You’re a mom, so along with batteries to power toys, what are your other must-haves?

Right now we’re super into toys. He just likes handheld little figures and it’s really important that he has one in each hand wherever he goes. He’s a two toy kind of kid. So like trains and little matchstick cars and little characters.

He still having a bottle, which I can’t really break him of until he’s two. I want him to have milk until he’s two. So we carry a bottle always.

I bring placemats everywhere, even though he’s a pretty clean eater. Have you seen those ZoLi placemats, they’re rubber? I’m obsessed with them. So I bring them everywhere, if we’re going out to eat. So then I don’t leave a huge mess behind in the restaurant.

We have a sippy cup. I don’t have too many other must-haves. Diapers obviously. He’s not super high maintenance.

This campaign is about bringing smiles to children, so what makes Luca smile?

He’s obsessed with peek-a-boo. We go to music class and he really likes singing. I think he likes hockey more. And he likes to scare people. And he does this thing where he fakes runs and bangs his head into a wall. And then he’ll go “OwwwOwwwOwww” and spin in circles. I think it’s the cutest thing ever. He’s a little bit of a prankster.

Also I think pretty girls make him smile. He’s a bit of a flirt.

You’re husband is Canadian, do you feel like Luca has a connection to Canada?

We come a lot, we go to Edmonton all the time because that’s where his brother and sister are. So we’re here often and for some reason, I don’t know if it’s some weird family connection thing, but I feel likes he’s at home when we’re there with his cousins. He just kind of fits right in. When other times we have play dates, when we have a lot of other kids that are just friends, he’s more attached to me. So it’s nice to feel that.

He seems to really like the hockey stick, which scares me. Then he thinks he’s putting the puck in and then holds his stick up and says “goal.” It’s so funny. But really he didn’t make a goal at all.

And last question. Since you married a Canadian guy, what makes Canadian guys great?

I think they’re solid guys all around, they’re really nice. I remember when I met my husband, I mean obviously I was really attracted to him, but I was just like “you’re the nicest person I’ve ever met.” I feel like he was really down to earth and could have a conversation with anybody and that was really attractive to me. He was really laid back. And my life I think can be slightly intimidating. When he met me we were at a lake and all of a sudden I was kicking off a world tour in Canada. And he came with me. He could just talk to my bus driver or the head of my label, all the same. I was really attracted to that quality.

But you know they like to throw back a few beers and have a good time. And I like that.


Interview with Canadian radio KISS 92.5

Hilary je dala nekoliko intervjua za vrijeme borakva u dječijoj bolnici, u Kanadi (nešto više o tom boravku imate u postu ispod). Jedan od tih intervjua je intervju za kanadsku radio stanicu KISS 92.5, a intervjuisao ju je Maurie Sherman. Pričala je o majčinstvu, novoj muzici, paparazzima, Božiću i tako. Poslušajte:


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